BOLT ON POWER! 1275+ A-series complete induction & exhaust kit. See 'Parts' section or E-mail direct

Who and what is 5004 Preparation?

Operating from the beautiful Peak District, home to some of the best roads in the country, 5004 Preparation is a team dedicated to the building, developing, running and racing of a small fleet of retro and modern classic cars for show and competition.

From a starting off messing about with anything with an engine, it became a footstep, then a jump into the world of motorsport and automotive lifestyle. Its a way to share my passion for home-builtlow budget/high quality, built-not-bought-ethos vehicles, focused round our fleet of road and track A-series Metro's, into something people can share in and be involved with, both through social media and in person

Everything in the store is produced by small businesses and producers, picked for their quality so not only are you helping keep the 5004 fleet on track when you do a buy, you are helping a small business too!

As well as this, we offer good condition used parts when they become available, and specific services to help keep your retro car in good health, and we also produce bespoke custom parts and components to give your car the edge.